Concise definitions of legal terms used on the Digital Media Law Project site. (The glossary is currently a work-in-progress. Please use our contact form to suggest additional terms for this glossary.)

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The doctrine that permits certain limited uses of copyrighted materials without the permission of the copyright holder. Generally, to be protected by the fair use doctrine, the use of the copyrighted material must contribute to society by continuing the public discourse or by creating a new work in the process.

See also: Copyright Synonyms: For more information see the Fair Use section of the legal guide.
False light search for term

A type of legal claim, which is similar to defamation, that generally involves untrue factual implications.

Synonyms: For more information see the False Light section of the legal guide.
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Generally used to refer to the United States government, its legislative, executive, and judicial branches, and the statutes, rules, and regulations enacted by those branches of government.

FOI search for term

Freedom of Information ("FOI") is a general term for the laws — sometimes called "sunshine laws" — and principles that govern the public’s right to access government records.

See also: FOIA Synonyms: For more information see the Access to Government Records section of the legal guide.
FOIA search for term

The federal Freedom of Information Act (otherwise known as "FOIA") provides access to the public records of all departments, agencies, and offices of the Executive Branch of the federal government.

See also: FOI Synonyms: For more information see the Access to Records from the Federal Government section of the legal guide.
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