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Marc is a noted First Amendment lawyer and the editor of The Legal Satyricon, a blog focused on law, technology, and politics. 

Marc has represented clients in a number of citizen media-related cases, including Beck v. Eiland-Hall, Rakofsky v. The Internet, Veranda Partners v. Giles, Lexington Homes v. Siskind, and Internet Solutions v. Marshall.  He also served as counsel to Anthony Ciolli in the early stages of the AutoAdmit case. We posted recently about his big victory in the Giles case.

Marc holds a B.A. in Journalism, cum laude, with a concentration in First Amendment studies from the University of Massachusetts.  After gaining experience as a journalist, Randazza attended Georgetown University Law Center where he received his J.D. To further round out his First Amendment bona fides, Marc earned a M.A. in Mass Communication from the University of Florida with a focus on Media and First Amendment Law.

Marc has written extensively on First Amendment and media law, negotiation theory, gaming law, and property law issues, and served as an adjunct professor of law at Barry University School of Law, where he taught classes in trademark, copyright, entertainment, and First Amendment law.

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