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A New Report on the Clients of the Online Media Legal Network

The Digital Media Law Project is pleased to present a new report, The Legal Needs of Emerging Online Media: The Online Media Legal Network after 500 Referrals.

Over the last four years, the Digital Media Law Project has had the privilege to work with a dedicated group of lawyers throughout the United States to provide pro bono legal services to a growing community of independent journalists and other media ventures online. Through our attorney referral service, the Online Media Legal Network, we have helped more than 260 clients with over 500 separate legal matters. This experience has provided the staff of the DMLP with a unique perspective on a substantial cross-section of the digital journalism environment.

Now, to mark the milestone of our 500th referral, we have prepared a report on our clients and their legal needs. This report describes the operation of the Online Media Legal Network, the nature of its client base, and the legal questions that they have faced. While this survey of our clients and their matters raises some cause for concern, it also provides substantial cause for hope that digital journalism is evolving into a diverse and vibrant ecosystem of participants that are proactive about their legal needs.

It is our hope that this report will help those studying and practicing in the new online environment for journalism to better understand this new world. You can read the executive summary and access the full text of the report here, and read our blog post about the preparation of this report here.


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