Arthur v. (state)

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Arthur V Turner?????

Woww Mrs.Arthur is feeling paranoia .She need a insted of a lawsuit, to see some "defamation or complicity" in her story! I knew Mrs.Arthur on tele. when she accused and was talking to her daughter,Anna Nicole Smith.Then I saw Mrs.Arthur on Florida,where her attitude was really unbelivable,and unrespectful for her daghter. Then I fallow Mrs.Arthur to Bahamas,for funeral,of our beloved Anna Nicole. Her actions on every apparence prouved to me that this woman(Arthur),made her own reputation.A reputation of a cold and happy mother, who just lost her daughter and grandson.For the ordinary persons ,she was acting like she just win a free trip to Bahamas and Florida. I personally, never ever see a grandmother, who love her daugther and grandson act like that.Don't really see where Mrs.Arthur,who made her own reputation,by her own actions,can see defamation or conspiration to ruin her reputation.

VA/against the Word /bloggers and tmz

It is in my idea,this case in state court will be redirect to federal court, regarding possible fraud in federal court.
Some in Texas should look at this lawsuit and see how O'quinn firm is working in this matter.
It come important when it is regarding the LAW.