Federici v Pignotti et al

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Last updated on June 27th, 2011

Federici v Pignotti et al: Case Dismissed

As a defendant in this case, I have an update. Yesterday, March 4, 2011, our Motion to Dismiss was heard in Eastern District Court of Alexandria, Judge Gerald Bruce Lee presiding and the motion to dismiss was granted for all defendants. The case is now dismissed. I will send relevant documents on the dismissal when they become available.

When I obtain the documents, may I post them by submitting a new entry in this database? How is this done?

Thanks and I really appreciate your website.

Monica Pignotti, MSW, PhD

Thank you for updating us on

Thank you for updating us on the case. We'll be in contact with you via email to upload the documents to this entry. -David

Update Re John Does 1-10

As noted, the case was dismissed on March 28, 2011 for all named defendants. However, there was one loose end to tie up: the John Does 1-10, the anonymous internet posters. On June 1, the case was officially dismissed for John Does 1-10. Details are available here:


As of June 1, 2011 the case is now officially terminated for all concerned.

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