Gregerson v. Vilana Financial, Inc.

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Last updated on December 21st, 2009

Additional litigation related to this case

I'm Chris Gregerson, a party in the above litigation. I filed suit for malicious prosecution in 2009 against the party who sued me and his attorneys. The claims were dismissed on summary judgment in early 2010, and I appealed to the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

Despite a note from one of the defendant law firms saying their "client is lying", and an earlier ruling at least one of the claims against me was "purely speculative", the Minnesota Court of Appeals upheld the dismissal of my complaint in November, 2010. They ruled there was no basis for a claim of malicious prosecution or abuse of process against the attorneys because they believed their client (the attorneys themselves never stated on the record they did believe their client, who's story was found by the earlier court to be "highly implausible" with "no credible evidence to support it"). A summary of the decision is online here:

The court specifically wrote that it was not "abuse of process" to use the six federal claims against me as a way to remove "...negative information and opinion about themselves..." from my website.

--Chris Gregerson

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