St. George Corrective Vision v. Kantis

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Kantis -vs- Dr. Nick Caro: Case Dismissed and Closed: 7/13/07

Please update your comment/record section regarding this case to reflect the truth which shows Dr. Nicholas Caro tried to sue innocent patient, Dean Andrew Kantis, for the tune of $2,000,000 because of Dr. Caro's 60+ lawsuits being exposed online further exposing the cynical record of lawsuits from very unhappy lasik patients. Confirmation of this can be seen by clicking here or contacting Mr. Kantis' law firm:


Dean Andrew Kantis

PS-Lasik is destroying lives. Many patients have committed suicide, lost their marriage, lost their jobs, families, eyesight, have gone blind, see double vision, halos at night, contrast issues when watching television, accelerated eye dissorders, corneal thinning called Ectasia, and the most common symptom that almost all eyes that have Lasik get, PERMANENT FLAP THAT NEVER HEALS and creates Dry Eye Syndrome so bad, that one can not function anymore or sleep at night. I continue to do my part, warning everyone!! Stick it out with contact daily disposable lenses or glasses. You have now been warned...God bless!