Thomson Reuters (Scientific) Inc. [EndNote] v. George Mason University [Zotero]

NOTE: The information and commentary contained in this database entry are based on court filings and other informational sources that may contain unproven allegations made by the parties. The truthfulness and accuracy of such information is likely to be in dispute. Information contained in this entry is current as of the last event mentioned in the "Description" section below; additional proceedings might have taken place in this matter since this event.

Last updated on June 5th, 2009

Ownership of EndNote Style Files

Bruce D'Arcus points to a post in the EndNote forums from a Thomson employee, claiming that they own and can constrain the use and distribution of user-generated style files.

think you mean discreetly,

think you mean discreetly, not discretely.


You're right.  We've made the fix.

Transferred to Fairfax (VA) Circuit Court

The Viriginia court case information system shows that this case has been transferred to another jurisdiction. According to the clerk at the Circuit Court, City of Richmond, it was transferred to Fairfax. Unfortunately, for those interested in following the status of this case remotely, the trail seems to go cold there because there isn't an online courts records system for the Fairfax Circuit Court.

Case Dismissed!

Details would be appreciated!

If anyone could get copies of the dismissal order plus any accompanying documentation and post it online, I'd greatly appreciate it.

A few more deails

@Peter: pinged you at your blog, but Sean has a few more dismissal details. Dismissed, without prejudice, due to lack of jurisdiction.

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