Interesting article in today's New York Times about Whosarat.com, which says it has identified 4,300 informers and 400 undercover agents, many of them from electronic court records.  According to a Justice Department official quoted in the piece:

We are witnessing the rise of a new cottage industry engaged in republishing court filings about cooperators on Web sites such as www.whosarat.com for the clear purpose of witness intimidation, retaliation and harassment.

Well worth a read as it touches on many interesting -- and difficult -- issues concerning privacy, access to court records, and free speech.


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censorship is a requirement for an unjust system.

The more unjust the system in any given country, the more censorship is required to cover that up..Censorship comes in many guises.,it included ,distortion of information,omission of information and legends or complete fabrication of information.It also includes putting obsticals in the way, for the public to write out, their thoughts, and things they have seen or know about.This would include not publishing letters to newspapers,making people sign up ,especially an elongated process that puts people off ,from, registering and thereby not having their say..On the other hand paid professionals,ie, government information mongers, have no problem going through the process.They get paid for it and they are on a mission..Namely propping up, an unjust system where many or most of the people are being cheated..So much information is being withheld from the American people,when it comes time to vote ,they can not make an informed decision..Hence the party that is in power right now, is unhealthy and hostile to the majority of not just americans but people worldwide.