Yale Law School to Host New Law & Media Program

Yale Law School announced on May 14 that with the help of the Knight Foundation, it will launch the Knight Law and Media Scholars Program.  The program will include law and media courses, scholars, research fellowships, summer internships, career counseling, and an annual training program for "midcareer journalists."  It also will feature a speaker series and a student organization focused on law and media.

In announcing the initiative, YLS's Dean Koh said: 

Law plays a pervasive role in the emerging global society, and legal training for journalists and media entrepreneurs at all levels will ensure the thoughtful, creative and accurate development of tomorrow’s news.

This sounds like a great program and promotes the same educational goal that we have. My only question is: can midcareer citizen journalists take part?

(Disclosure: as we announced yesterday, the CMLP also is receiving funding from the Knight Foundation.)

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Courses in Media law

Dear sir
We run and ICT Centre and are interested in knowing course for media law which could help enhanced training activities in our centre.
Asong Ndifor
Board of Trustees
ICT Centre, Mutengewne, Cameroon