Journalism that Matters Conference in Minneapolis

Over the next two days, I'll be participating in and speaking at the Journalism that Matters: Minnesota conference organized by the Media Giraffe Project, Minnesota Journalism Center, and Minnesota News Council. It's the third in a series of Journalism that Matters gatherings. The full name for the conference, which gives you some idea of its focus, is New Pamphleteers/New Reporters: Convening Entrepreneurs Who Combine Journalism, Democracy, Place and Blogs. You can view the agenda here.

This will be my first time at a Journalism that Matters conference, and I am very excited to have been invited. What makes these conferences so interesting is that they aren't conferences in the traditional sense, but instead fall into that oxymoronic category of "unconference" conferences, where the participants largely decide the topics and run the discussions. For example, I am slated to join Robert Cox from the Media Bloggers Association for a "coffee klatch" on citizen media and the law.

If you are in the Minneapolis area, please come by. I'll try and post an update or two and may even begin using Twitter (gasp!).

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