Nationwide v. Belo Corp.

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Not reliable at all->Nationwide Biweekly Administration, Inc

Nationwide Biweekly Administration took the double of the amount that my husband signed to take from his amount biweekly without communicate. We bought a house in Aurora/CO March, 2008 and soon we received this letter from Nationwide biweekly, they were saying in their ad, we would pay our house in 22 years instead 30 years. We tought was a good deal.

April 21, 2008 my husband signed this authorization, they would take one-half of our monthly loan biweekly from my husband account, the value authorizaded was $981.71, the first collection date was August 08, 2008. But they took from his account the first collection date August 13,2008, they took the right amount this day. August 22, 2008 was our second collection date and they should take the other half, but they took the double of the value $1,963.42, we just found out August 31,2008 when we saw a negative balance in my husband account and 13 OD Charges of $ 27.75 total in OD Charges $360.75 plus more two checks coming (bigger negative balance and more two OD Charges), we were paying bills thinking we had that money in our account.

How this company spend all this money in advertisement and Public Relation if they can't be organized enought to take the right amount from your bank account? How the owners Daniel Scott Lipsky and Sandra Lipsky can sleep well destroying people's financial's life and credit? How they put all those advertisement about charity if they made our life a hell? Don't trust in Nationwide Biweekly Administration, they are not reliable!!