Hammitt v. Watson

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Hammitt v Teresa Watson and RomeNewsByWatson.com


I am Teresa Watson of RomeNewsByWatson.com. I wanted to correct a few things about this case, and update a few.

The case filed by the Hammitt’s was in Floyd the first time, my home county, but was dismissed, and re-filed on Bobby Lee Cook's home turf, calling me a "Co-conspirator" with the poster "DirtyBoy", whom I have never even met, again without the O.C.G.A rule of 7-Day Demand Letter. Of course, I had already removed the post by a poster called “DirtyBoy” the minute I was served with the first suit.

Contemporaneously with the first Hammitt suit, I was also served with a subpoena to be deposed in a case involving two people I did not even know, in a case I had no knowledge of. Janice Galloway v Mayor, (of Lyerly, Georgia) Chuck Jones.

The judge in this case refused to even set a Rule Nisi for a Motion to Quash, and later forced me, through a Motion to Compel, to testify in a FOUR HOUR LONG DEPOSITION which never asked a single question about the case for which I was being deposed, and was designed to discover the identity of my news article sources, and to humiliate me about incidences in my life from 25 years ago.

This, after the lead attorney, Bobby Lee Cook, the object of much of my writing on the Dixie Mafia, called me “Miss Nipples” and a GD Bitch, for not answering his questions relative the identity of frequent poster.

All of this was also contemporaneous to another law suit, filed by the wife of one of the attorneys in the Hammitt case, for a post the same week as “Dirty Boy”. This case was filed in Floyd County, and like the first case, was dismissed and re-filed, even though the post by “Snake” was removed the minute I learned about it.

IN both NEW suits, the entire scope of Discovery, (Interrogatories, NTP and RFA)revolved around Bobby Lee Cook himself, and the sources of my information in the Public Document based stories on the Dixie Mafia.

Additionally, BLC wrote letters to EVERY advertiser I had, and threatened to add them to the law suits if they continued to advertise with me, (Yes, I have copies). Even a couple of Freebie Public Service ads were pulled.

It has now been more than six months since the second series of law suits were filed, and no movement. MY attorney called me to his office last week, and told me that BLC and Crew wanted to deal, would repay my attorneys fees for the deposition, BUT that I had to agree NOT to require a formal Dismissal, nor a written agreement, and that I could not speak about this to anyone.

In return, I was told, that both law suits would be “Continued” for the Five Year Period” at which point they would drop off of the Public Record.

I was furious, and shocked that my attorney would suggested this, with no written guarantee, and he kept insisting that the “deal” was guaranteed, and that BLC had a way to guarantee in both Chattooga County, (Hammitt) and in Floyd County, (Dennis). (Yes, I have proof he said these things - it is not the first time he has called me to his office to tell me about strange offers).

I walked out of my attorney’s office, turning down their offer, made a significant counter offer, via e-mail, which stipulated I get a signed Written Agreement and Money, which my attorney balked at. He told me I was lucky to get this offer, and then later, I learned that he had used the wrong File Number on the “Answers” in the Hammitt case.

But I think there is more which BLC is holding over my attorney’s head, or at least dangling in front of him. BLC just received a $10,000,000.00 check he has taken around town to brag about, from a Class Action law suit, which he is claiming is his percentage.

I demanded my attorney he file a Srivener’s Affidavit, and ask for a hearing to have the file corrected, but because the case, filed by Bobby Lee Cook is assigned to his daughter’s court, Chattooga County Superior Court Judge Kristina Cook Connelly, I am not hopeful. (OF course that is illegal, but it Bobby Lee Cook’s County - you know, the man who the character “Matlock” was based on?

In actuality, Bobby Lee Cook is the antithesis of “Matlock”.

Teresa Watson