Ubisoft v. Kyanka

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Ubisoft v. Kyanka

Amazing, simply amazing. After playing FarCry, I thought that Ubisoft should have stopped stealing from other game producers. Now, I cannot believe such a well noted company would have hired such incompetent legal representation. To make such claims, and especially against a web site for a user's FORUM post, Ubisoft should dissolve and hide their shameful faces from the net. You cannot tell me that such blatant idiots with such little knowledge of the law can make it past the bar exam.

Quote: Legal Claims: False Advertising; Harassment; Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress; Right of Publicity; Trademark Infringement; Trademark Dilution; Unfair Competition..

First, learn what false advertising, trademark infringement/dilution are!! Unfair competition?!?!?! SA did not produce a patent that granted them exclusive production of a competing product! What morons!! Trademark infringement? Did SA stamp Ubersuck on their front page? False Advertising?!? Did they promise a particular price or claim performance of a salable item that was untrue?!

I now hereby personally will boycott all Ubisoft games. In addition, I will make it my personal goal to inform as many people on the net about this, and see to it that their sales drop from their own stupidity.

I guess the internet does 'make you stupid;'
Ubisoft is proving that every moment.

Stop supporting Kyanka when he asks you for

Obviously the former comment was written by someone who favours Something Awful. Please note how Kyanka, who is a white straight gyu, makes use of the word "fag" in his reply. I think he's abusing his power of influence on people by now, yet nobody wants to stand up against him, because else he will turn his brainwashed lynch mob on them.