YouTube Reverses Course on User's Video: Reposts It

Chris Knight, who's been unfairly treated by media giant Viacom, now says: YouTube has restored my clip.

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Just how many lawyers does Google have dealing with this

[as noted on Dan's blog.]

The response back from Harry from the YouTube team demonstrates some underwhelming legal acumen ("we've completed processing your counter-notification ... This content has been restored.") Perhaps the CitMediaLaw Center can get some basic numbers out of Google on the number of T&C violation requests they get-- and how many lawyers they have working these requests?

I'm familiar with a case of someone pushing to get an impersonating BlogSpot page taken down (since it violates Google Blogspot's T&C). This being a personal reputation case, this is orders of magnitude more important than this VH1 case, yet Google hasn't acted on it?

I would like to humbly petition the Citizen Media Law Project (and other supporters around the net) to place a priority on helping people who have been *actually harmed* than just by swinging a stick at Big Bad Big Media all the time.