Goodale TV on CDA 230 and AutoAdmit

Sam Bayard blogged previously about James Goodale's article on CDA 230 and the highly publicized AutoAdmit case. In the article, Goodale argues that CDA 230, the federal law that shields providers of "interactive computer service[s]" from liability for defamation and other torts for publishing the statements of third parties, should be amended to impose liability in cases where a website operator "knowingly causes defamation by refusing to take down libelous posts."

On Sunday, on his show "Digital Age," Goodale moderated a discussion between Michael Fertik, the CEO of, and Beth Simone Noveck, a professor at New York Law School, about CDA 230, anonymity, and the AutoAdmit case.

You can also watch it on Google Video.

(Note: James Goodale is on the board of advisors for the CMLP.)

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