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Public Engines to World: Look, But Don't Touch the Crime Data

funny pictures of cats with captionsEarlier this spring, Public Engines, Inc. sued ReportSee, Inc. in federal district court in Utah.


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Out of the Lab and Into the Fray, Scientists and Science Writers Talk About the New Media Environment

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Government Data: This Data Was Made for You and Me?

In March, Google launched its Public Data Explorer, expanding upon its public data search feature that's been around since last spring.

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Open Government Data Presents New Journalism Opportunities and Legal Challenges

It’s been a long time since a printed newspaper delivered to your doorstep or purchased on your way to work was the only way to get your daily dose of news.

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Think Twice Before You Dust Off Those Mix Tapes

Digital technologies have allowed people to share music in unprecedented ways, and earlier this week recording artists, music industry leaders, and policymakers gathered at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. for the Future of Music Policy Summit sponsored by the Future of Music Coalition to talk about their impact on the music community.

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