Frequently Asked Questions - Legal Guide

The Digital Media Law Project Legal Guide addresses the practical issues that you may encounter as you gather information, create new content, and publish your work online. It is intended for use by media creators with or without formal legal training, as well as others with an interest in these issues.

The guide is setup like a book. You will find a table of contents on the right side of every page.  Just click on any of the page/section titles to navigate around the guide.

At the bottom of every page you will find a list of "child pages" that link to your current page (if they exist) as well as links to the previous and next pages in the guide. 

You can find information in the legal guide in a number of ways.

First, you can browse the legal guide section by section. You will find a list of legal guide sections at the bottom of the legal guide homepage.

Second, you can search for specific information by going to our Search Page where you can search the entire guide or limit your keyword search to pages that are tagged with a specific jurisdiction or subject area.

Third, you can go to any of the state-specfic pages that collect information about the states covered in the legal guide.