Selection of LLC Address

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Selection of LLC Address

We received the following question via e-mail and thought it would be useful to post our reply in the forum:


What address should I use to form an LLC if we have not yet found a location for our business?


In general, the address for an LLC should be its principal place of business.  We take this question to address a situation where an LLC is already operating out of the residences or separate places of business of its members, but is contemplating setting up a new principal place of business. 

In this situation, the LLC could generally use the home or office address where business is primarily being conducted as the business address and registered agent address, and then amend its designation when a new location is selected.  Keep in mind that the registered agent's address is usually a matter of public record; if you do not wish to disclose a personal address, there may be registered agent services in your area that can serve that function for a fee.

More information on the formation of LLCs can be found in our Legal Guide.