Welcome to the CMLP's Find a Lawyer Forum

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Welcome to the CMLP's Find a Lawyer Forum

Welcome to the Citizen Media Law Project's "find a lawyer" forum.  This is a place for you to discuss, offer advice, and post requests for legal assistance.  Lawyers are also free to advertise their services here.  NOTE: We do not vouch for any lawyers who post on these forums. 

If you are looking for general information on finding legal help, you might find some helpful information in the Finding Legal Help section of our Legal Guide.  This section explains what you should think about in deciding whether to hire a lawyer or represent yourself in a lawsuit or in responding to another kind of legal threat. It also explains what you can do to find effective legal representation.

Before posting a question, please search the forums in case your question has already been answered. (See our FAQ for help.)

The goal of this forum is to promote thoughtful discussion across a diverse range of perspectives. While we value the benefits of civil disagreement, we ask that you behave respectfully. Please see our Terms of Use or Privacy Notice if you have any questions.

We look forward to your contributions!