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"Newsgathering in Massachusetts" Guide Now Available Online!

Free Seminar at Poynter for Digital Publishers

The Poynter Institute will be offering a free workshop for digital entrepreneurs and news organizations looking to start or expand an online news and information business. The Ford Foundation is paying for the costs of the seminar, so tuition and hotel costs are free. Participants need only pay travel expenses to the Poynter Institute’s office in St. Petersburg, Florida. However, you must register by Wednesday, June 15.


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Visit Our Discussion Forums to Get More Out of CMLP

If you haven't checked out CMLP's newly launched forums, you're missing out on one of our site's most interactive resources. In the forums, you can post your own legal questions and receive unofficial feedback from CMLP staff and others. (For an example, see our response to a recent question about videotaping in New Jersey). The forums are also a great place for you to spark discussion by posting articles you think others will find interesting.

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News and Information as Digital Media Come of Age

After a year of study, countless meetings, and at least two conferences, a team of researchers at the Berkman Center have released a series of papers exploring the potential and challenges of the emerging networked digital media environment (note: I played a small role in this work).  If you are sitting there thinking that this is a BIG topic rife with thorny questions about the future of journalism, you're right. 

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Federal Case Law Archive Now Online and Free

Public.Resource.Org and Creative Commons announced that they've released the first batch of case material in their free case law archive. Yesterday's release encompases over 1.8 million volumes of federal case law, including all Courts of Appeals decisions from 1950 to the present and all Supreme Court decisions since 1754.

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CUNY Journalism School Launches Website to Help Citizen Journalists Avoid Legal Risk

In a project headed by Associate Professor Geanne Rosenberg, CUNY's Graduate School of Journalism has launched a new website -- Top 10 Rules for Limiting Legal Risk. The project, which is carried out in collaboration with the John S. and James L.

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