Internet Solutions v. Marshall

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They Seem to be a scam

I failed to research prior to being excited to get my resume to more employers. after registering, I had an e-mail back from my education being verified stating that I had my start date incorrect for my BA degree. Now it shows disputed and that just looks ugly and unprofessional. For god sake I had my start date incorrect after spending 4 hours digging all my information out to enter. In my opinion if I still graduated with that degree, so frickin what if my start date was a few months off. I have tried to go in to fix that date and there seems to be no way to access my own data. There isn't even a darn phone number.

What kind of business acts in this manner. My opinion, one that is out for nothing but solicitation. Why? Because even after I went through the steps and selected I did not want any information to any special offers from the approx 40 or so offers they threw at me, I still got 19 junk e-mail offers withing 15 seconds of finishing my inputs to their system.

I feel this needs to get out to more people and the better business bureau. This is our people screwing our own people.

With regards, Retired AF Guy that will research more in the future.

The Alex Simon alias

An interesting detail in Marshall's brief is the mentioned Difrawi alias Alex Simon. The same name was also used in the threat mails to the scamfraudalert admin. So far Difrawi has always avoided to acknowledge that he is Alex Simon ( also spelled Siman with USAVoice).