VeriResume v. Marshall (Email)

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After answering an ad for emplyment as a court clerk, I received a phone call attempting to "verify" my Resume, the company was called Employment Select. The guy asked me about my educational ambitions, and said a company rep from said "court" would be calling me.
the next day I got an E-mail to "confirm" my conversation, and registration with Veriresume, (who I'd never heard of,) per our conversation the day before. I never clicked on the registration link, but I had an uneasy feeling, still do, some Kook has my personal information. How is this preying on the unemployed legal?? Tabatha only speaks the truth.

except the fact that you did

except the fact that you did apply for the job, and the only info they have is info they already had before they called you. Since when did every job you ever apply for call you back.