Unique Content: Special Risks

Creating a legal guide for online and citizen media is a significant undertaking, so it is no surprise that we haven't been able to cover every topic we think should be covered.  This page collects some "special situations" that we think warrant additional discussion in the guide. If you have suggestions for additional subjects or would like to help us work on the guide, please let us know.

Some of the topics we are working on, or hope to address in the future, include:

  1. Employee Blogs

    1. Disclosure of Trade Secrets
    2. Disclosure of Financial Information
    3. Other Issues

  2. Covering Politics and Elections

    1. Documenting the Vote 2012: Photography and Videography at Polling Places
    2. Covering Political Campaigns
    3. Seeking to Influence Elections
    4. Campaign Finance Law

  3. Publishing Information For or About Children

    1. Juvenile Proceedings
    2. Child Online Protection Act

  4. Publishing Reviews and Consumer Ratings of Restaurants, Services, People, Etc.

    1. Publishing Your Own Reviews
    2. Publishing the Reviews and Ratings of Others