Arizona: Documenting Your Vote (2008)

NOTE: The information on this page was current as of the 2008 presidential elections, and might not be accurate for later elections. We are retaining this page for historical purposes only. For information related to the 2012 election, visit our revised state-by-state guide.

We have not analyzed Arizona's laws regulating polling place activities yet, but we received the following comment from a site user that went through poll worker training in Arizona:

In our pollworker training, we were told that it is illegal in AZ for any filming/photography to take place in the polling place while the polls are open.  Photos can be taken after the polls close as long as the photographer does not interfere with the poll workers as they close out the polls. We were told to ask anyone with a camera to put it out of sight - either in a purse, pocket or return it to their car.  If anyone does not wish to abide by our request, we are to call our Troubleshooter who will deal with the problem.

For general information regarding legal issues associated with documenting your vote, see the Documenting Your Vote section of this guide.


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