Retraction Law in the District of Columbia

The CMLP has not identified any relevant cases addressing the effect of a retraction in a defamation case in the District of Columbia. If you know about a retraction case in the District of Columbia, please contact us. You can find general information in the sections on Correcting or Retracting Your Work After Publication and Practical Tips for Handling Requests to Correct or Remove Material.

Note that even in the absence of any relevant cases, you should still consider correcting or retracting an erroneous statement because your willingness to correct past errors in your work will provide several benefits. It will make your work more accurate and reliable, which will increase your credibility, influence, and (hopefully) your page views. It will also diminish the likelihood of your being sued in the first place, as it might placate the potential plaintiff. Furthermore, courts and juries may find a retraction shows your good faith, which will benefit you in a defamation suit.


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