Pediatrician Settles Case After His Anonymous Blogging Is Revealed

The Boston Globe reported today that a pediatrician settled a medical malpractice case in the middle of trial when opposing counsel revealed that she had discovered the doctor's anonymous blog in which he had provided "unvarnished" commentary on the lawyers, jurors, and defense strategy of his case.

The plaintiff's lawyer was cross-examining Dr. Robert Lindeman in a case involving the death of a 12-year-old boy when she asked him if he had been blogging under the assumed name of "Lindeman Flea." Dr. Lindeman admitted that the blog was his, and by the following day, he had agreed to settle his case, no doubt due to concerns that the plaintiff's lawyer would present some of the material on his blog to the jury.

The Globe article notes that Lindeman's blog provided details of his meetings with jury consultants who told him, among other things, that the jurors would ultimately base their decisions on their view of his character.

Dr. Lindeman has since removed all content from his blog.


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