Check Out The SPJ Citizen Journalism Academy

The Society for Professional Journalists is hosting a series of one-day "Citizen Journalism Academy" workshops in Chicago (May 17), Greensboro, North Carolina (June 7), and Los Angeles (June 28). The idea is to provide training and information for citizen media creators on topics ranging from media ethics, to standard journalistic practices, to law. From SPJ:

The Society of Professional Journalists believes the world benefits from more news coverage, not less. Through its Citizen Journalism Academy, which takes place May 17 in Chicago, SPJ seeks to help everyone wanting to practice journalism to do so accurately, ethically and fairly. The Society aims to help participants understand how responsible practices could increase their reach and help them have strong journalistic reputations within their communities and around the world.
Two sessions look especially useful from our point of view: one on the basics of media law and another on access to public meetings and records. These day-long workshops cost $25. (I applaud the SPJ for not pricing its intended audience out of the market.) For more details and registration information, see the event page on the SPJ website.

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