CMLP Releases Second Newsgathering and Privacy Video for YouTube Reporters' Center

We are proud to announce the release of Newsgathering and Privacy Part 2 - Stay on the Story, Don't Become the Story!, the second of two short videos addressing the legal issues people are likely to face as they head out with camera in hand to cover the news. The second video expands on our previous release, which appeared last month on YouTube's newly launched Reporters' Center. The two videos describe the legal and practical issues you may encounter as you gather documents, take photographs or video, and interview others. 

YouTube's Reporters' Center features how-to videos on a variety of topics related to news reporting, including how to fact check stories and adhere to journalistic principles. For additional details, see our previous post on the launch of the initiative.

We'd like to thank Berkman Digital Media Producer Dan Jones for his invaluable assistance and creative talent in putting the videos together, and CMLP/Berkman interns Lee Baker, Courtney French, Andrew Moshirnia, and Andrew Sellars for appearing in them.

For those who want more specific information on the legal issues discussed in the videos, we've got a lot of resources available in our legal guide, including sections that address Entering the Property of Others, Gathering Private Information, Recording Phone Calls, Conversations, Meetings and Hearings, Acquiring Documents and Other Property, Documenting Public Proceedings and Events, and Protecting Sources and Source Material. All of these topics can be accessed via the Newsgathering and Privacy page in our legal guide. 

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