New Legal Guide Section on Foreign Risks

It's pretty obvious that material placed on the "word wide web" is, indeed, available around the world -- at least most of it.

While the ability to make content available worldwide is a great virtue of the Internet, it has the potential to create a legal minefield for citizen journalists, who could face a civil or criminal legal action over online content in any country where the content is available.

A new section of the Legal Guide on "Dealing with Foreign Legal Threats" explains the possible legal risks that bloggers and other creators of online content could face outside the United States, and gives some tips and resources for responding to these threats.

While the most of CMLP's work, including the Legal Guide and the  Online Media Legal Network, is currently limited to legal issues within the United States, it is important for citizen journalists to be aware that they could face legal issues outside the U.S. as well.  We hope that this new Legal Guide section helps citizen journalists understand the possible foreign legal implications of the content they place online.   


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