Get Out And Vote: Election Day Resources

I am about to head out and vote, but before I do I want to exhort all of our readers who haven't yet voted to GO OUT AND VOTE!  Don't know where to vote?  Go here to find out.  Once you've voted, do your part and upload the details of your experience to one (or all) of the organizations seeking to collect information about this election. 

How long was the line to get into your polling place?  Did you have difficulty registering to vote or proving that you were registered?  Did you experience any problems with the voting equipment? Did you see any evidence of voter fraud or suppression?  You can report this information to:

If you took photos, upload them to the Flickr with the tag "Election" or to the New York Times Polling Place Photo Project.  If you have video, upload it to Video the Vote or YouTube. (Keep in mind that a number of states limit what you can record in and around polling places, so you will want to check the Documenting Your Vote page in our legal guide before taking out your camera.) 

If you want to see what is happening in real-time, check out these maps (the first is from and the second is from YouTube's Video Your Vote project):



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