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Show Me the Money...

We know that our readers are a pretty creative, enterprising bunch. Now you can get some cash to help fund your idea.

Our friends over at the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation are running a grant competition called the Knight News Challenge, which awards up to $5 million for innovative projects that use digital technology to transform the way communities send, receive and make use of news and information.

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Who's Afraid of the News Aggregators?

As anyone who has been following the debate regarding the "future of journalism" knows, there have been a lot of ink (and bytes) spilled arguing over the role news aggregators are playing in the "decline" of traditional journalistic models.  Rupert Murdoch has labeled the practice of news aggregation by entities like Google News "

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We Love a Happy Ending...

Earlier this week, we received the good news that travel blogger extraordinaire Christopher Elliott sucessfully resolved the defamation lawsuit brought against him by Palm Coast Travel.


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SLAPP Me Baby, One More Time

California SLAPP jurisprudence is the gift that keeps on giving, especially for weary bloggers looking for something to write about. (SLAPP stands for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.  You can 

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And You Thought Today's Google Outage Was Bad...

Twitter has been awash today in the typical gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes that accompanies any Gmail outage, no matter how short the duration.  If yesterday's court ruling holds, however,


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Shameless Self-Promotion: Updating the Lanham Act for the Internet Age

I have an article in the newest issue of World Trademark Review.  Entitled "Updating the Lanham Act for the Internet Age," the article looks at four areas for reform of the Lanham Act: fair use, use in co

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Lego® My Video: "Clearance Culture" Becomes a Parody of Itself

Much has been written on the proliferation of the so-called "clearance culture" and the threat that overly aggressive intellectual property enforcement poses

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The Internet is Keeping Employment Lawyers Busy

The recent economic downturn has been hard on lawyers.  Inhouse legal departments are downsizing. Firms are conducting layoffs and cancelling summer programs.

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Who Put the "World" in "World Wide Web," Anyway?

(And was it the same person who put the bomp in the bomp-a-bomp-a-bomp?)

Back in May, Eric Robinson explained why it's always a good idea to know your audience before setting pen to paper. But in the networked online world, how do you determine who your audience is?

On the Web, Everyone Can Hear You Sue...

Tony La Russa's lawsuit against Twitter, which we first published in the Legal Threats Database back on May 29, seems to have hit the mainstream over the past week. Following the path of the case through the Internet and into the mainstream media provides a fascinating case study in the the possibilities of Twitter and other social media platforms for disseminating and amplifying a message.

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Signal to Noise

Since my Wikipedia post on Monday, I've been giving more thought to the question of who gets to be heard on the Internet, especially with the rising ubiquity of different social networking platforms.  These thoughts were sparked in large part by two occurrences around the Harvard-verse yesterday:  the release by the Harvard Business School of a recent stu